20th – 22nd November 2020


22nd – 24th January 2021

Biotransformation (Formerly Detox)

7th – 9th May 2021


Date TBC

Bioenergetics (Formerly Energy)

Date TBC

Welcome to the UK home of IFM™’s Advanced Practice Module series.

These live-attendance events utilise the most recent on site recording of the US modules, and include Live Q&A with the US presenters. They are the ONLY way to attend an ‘in-person’ programme in the UK that is eligible for the IFM™ Certification Programme.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus update):  At present, we are minded to run all modules as planned, with extra precautions and safeguarding in place to protect attendees, sponsors and staff.  We are keenly aware of predictions about the spread of COVID-19, however, and would never place attendees in harm’s way. This is a fast moving situation, and as such, we will review as the situation develops. Attendees will of course receive registration fee refunds should the event be cancelled.