Frequently Asked Questions

If this presentation isn’t live, why can't I just access a recording anyhow?

You must check in and be present in person at the UK program to receive CPD credit and to fulfill IFM Certification Program requirements.  This recording has been pre-approved by IFM™ as eligible for the Certification programme.  The only other option is to attend an in-person program in the US or attend via Live Stream.

Why don't I just attend a US module via Live Stream?

The decision is entirely yours.  Live Stream may work better for those unable to travel to London, however, our event gives you the opportunity to attend during a sensible time of the day, unrivalled networking opportunities and it will be facilitated by practitioners who are on hand to anglicise and interpret the course information.  With Live Q and A with presenters, it offers a real alternative to Live Streaming, for a like-for-like price.  Plus, we’ll provide the food!

I haven’t taken AFMCP™ – does that matter?

No. You do not need to have taken AFMCP™ or AFMCP™-UK to attend the Advance Practice Modules.  In fact, if you intend to take the IFM™ Certification Program, you do not even have to attend AFMCP™ first, you can take them out of sequence in a time frame that suits you.

Do I have to be enrolled in the IFM™ Certification Program to participate?

No.  You can take this as a stand alone module to enhance your own learning.  If you are not enrolled on the IFM™ Certification program, but decide to join at a later date, the module will count as credit towards Certification retrospectively.

What is the IFM™ Certification Programme?

The Functional Medicine Certification Programme™ is designed to provide comprehensive clinical training for assessment, treatment, prevention, and management of patients with complex, chronic disease. The components of the course include:

  • A week-long onsite AFMCP™ course (as taught in the UK and USA)
  • Six 2 ½ day onsite Advanced Practice Modules
  • Functional Medicine Fundamentals
  • Webinar case studies following each module
  • Course review webinar
  • Certification exams & case presentations
Do you plan to bring over other modules to the UK?

Clinical Education intends to bring over as many modules as there is a demand for.  Watch this space! Register your interest for other modules here.

I’m registered to attend a module in the USA. Can I switch to the UK module?

Transfer to US to UK modules and vice versa is not possible at this time.

Does my attendance fee include membership to the IFM™?

No.  IFM™ membership must be purchased and maintained separately via the IFM™’s website. There is no requirement to join the IFM™ as a member in order to take the Advanced Practice Modules unless you would like to.

Am I eligible to attend?

Functional medicine has long encouraged an integrative approach to clinical education. The Advanced Practice Modules are for healthcare practitioners who are already qualified in a core discipline, hold at least a Bachelors Level Degree in a health related field. This includes:

  • Medical Doctors
  • Osteopaths
  • Chiropractors
  • Naturopaths
  • Homeopaths
  • Dieticians
  • Acupuncturists
  • Pharmacists
  • Physiotherapists
  • Nutritional Therapists*

Additionally, all of the above must hold practice insurance in the UK.

*Nutritional Therapists wishing to attend can do so as long as they are educated to Bachelors Degree level.  To be accepted on to the Certification Program, Nutritional Therapists not affiliated with the British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) are encouraged to contact IFM™ directly.

If you have any doubts you may contact Claire Gardin to discuss your case on 0333 2414 289. Previous training in functional medicine is desirable but not essential; a good understanding of the role nutrition plays in health is also helpful.

What materials can I expect to receive?
  • 17 CPD credits* applied for
  • A step toward becoming an IFM Certified Practitioner
  • Course materials: PDFs of all presentations as well as MP3 audio and MP4 video downloads
  • Pre- and post-course interactive videos and webinars
  • More than 18 hours of recorded onsite lectures, live Q&A sessions, and discussion (see the “Schedule and Educators” section for a full schedule of topics)
  • Business and Clinical Strategies for Successful Practice Implementation
  • 30-day access to IFM™’s Toolkit with more than 370 downloadable clinician resources that can be accessed and used in practice immediately after the course (Intake forms, patient handouts, and assessment questionnaires)
  • Healthful snacks, nourishing lunches and morning movement activities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Opportunities to ask additional questions on a post-conference private Facebook group moderated by IFM™ faculty
Why don’t you print the slides on paper?

We are committed to ethical use of natural resources.  All slides will be released in electronic format to reduce the use of paper.  We will provide you with power and adequate to space to be able to bring your laptop or ipad to take notes.

Who is Clinical Education? Are you part of the IFM™?

Clinical Education is a not-for-profit organisation who are an education partner of the Insititue for Functional Medicine™.  This means we pay the IFM™ a licence fee for the right to run a like-for-like conference in the UK. Clinical Education is not part of IFM™, but has a close relationship with IFM that spans over 30 years.

Is this course the same as the US course?

Yes- this course is an in-person event, which uses the recording of the US module which is due to be held in Arizona on October 24-26 2019.  It will be the most up-to-date GI Module presentation available.

What if I need to cancel?

Cancellations must be received in writing no later than 30th September 2019 to be eligible for a refund, less the £300 non-refundable deposit element of all monies paid.  Cancellations received on or after 1st October 2019, are not eligible for a refund. Tuition is nontransferable, either to other modules in the UK or those running in the USA. Failure to appear at the program with no prior written cancellation will result in complete forfeiture of tuition and the course will not count toward certification (nonrefundable, nontransferable, no exceptions).

Copies of the recordings will not be provided in lieu of in-person attendance and not counted toward IFM™ certification.

Cancellation requests must be received in writing by email to  Clinical Education will reply with a written acknowledgement.

What is the Late Registration Policy?

Registration from Monday 18th November 2019 will incur an extra £150 processing fee. Walk-in Late registration in-person at the conference is not possible.