Below are the ToolKit for APM 2013. Simpy click on the link’s below to view the documents.

Environmental Toxins:

[Article] A Functional Approach to Environmental – Rountree
[Article] Exposure as Part of a Systems Approach for Assessing Risk
[Article] Use of Toxicity Screening Tools Bu Doull Et Al

[Case Study] Environmental Med and Taking an Exposure Hx
Copper Exposure Sources
Decrease Allergen Exposure In The Home
Detox Pathways Xenobiotics, Drugs & Nutrients

EM Facts – WiFi
EMF Exposure – Sources and How to Avoid Them
Environmental Illness
HEPA Air Purifiers
Indoor Mold Information
Liver Detoxification Pathways

Occupational Asthma and Hypersensitivity Pnenmonitis
Pediatric Environmental Heath Toolkit
Problem with Plastics
Reducing Toxicity and Chemical  Exposures

Toxic Metal Provocation Testing
Toxicity of Pesticides
Toxins and Diseases

Exercise and Movement:

Considerations for Limiting Exercise Options
Exercise Aerobic Conditioning Log
Exercise Calendar
Exercise History
Exercise Log
Exercise Prescription (Alternative Format)

Metabolic Rate Calculations
Neutral Body Positioning at a Computer Workstation
Patient Daily Activity Schedule
Range of Motion Exercises

Food and Nutrition:

Better Butter for The Gut
Breastfeeding Benefits

Core Food Plan – Modifications
Core Food Plan – Female 1600 Calories
Core Food Plan – List
Core Food Plan – Male 2000 Calories
Core Food Plan

Cruciferous Veggies

Diet Diary – 1 Day Record
Diet Diary – 3 Day Record
Diet Diary – 7 Day Symptom and Food Associations

Dietary Fats
Dietary Sources of Arachadonic Acid Cascade
Dietary  Supplement Quality Assurance (True North)

Eating Awareness – Top Five Tips
EPA & DHA Amounts in Fish
Fats and Oils Weekly Assessment
Fibre Facts
Five R Gut Restoration Program
FODMAP Intolerances
Food and Chemical Effects Acid-Alkaline Body Balance
Food Intro Delayed Response
Food Log and Symptom Associations

Food Plan – Anti-Candida
Food Plan – Anti-Inflammatory
Food Plan – Comprehensive Elimination Diet Food List
Food Plan – Comprehensive Elimination Diet Substitutions and Alternatives
Food Plan –  Comprehensive Elimination Diet
Food Plan – Detox Companion Guide
Food Plan – Detox Food List
Food Plan – Explaining Glycemic Index and Loan
Food Plan – Gluten Free
Food Plan – Low Glycemic Index and Load

Food Sources of Antioxidants
Food Sources of Calcium
Food Sources of Cruciferous Veggies
Food Sources of Dietary Fiber
Food Sources of Essential Fatty Acids
Food Sources of Folate
Food Sources of Iron
Food Sources of Lean Protein
Food Sources of Magnesium
Food Sources of Sodium
Food Sources of Vitamin A
Food Sources of Vitamin B12
Food Sources of Vitamin C
Food Sources of Vitamin D
Food Sources of Vitamin E
Food Sources of Zinc

Foods Rich In Mold Protein Allergens
Foods to Combat High Blood Pressure
Gluten-Free and Gluten-Containing Grains
Guided Meal Recipes from FNC
Health Benefits of Nuts
Herbal Infusions
Hidden Foods
Hidden Sources of MSG

How Healthy Is Your Diet
Kale Smoothie by Dr. Stone
Label Reading for Sugar
Low GI Diet Compliance Questionnaire
Low Glycemic Impact Food List 40-30-30
Meal Ideas Low Glycemic Impact

Medium Chain Fatty Acids
Modifying Aromatase
Modifying SHBG
Nutrient Rich Foods
Nutritional Influences On Estrogen Metabolism
Peri Operative Surgical Protocol
Phytonutrient Rich Foods
Phytonutrient Spectrum; Patient Handout
Phytonutrient Spectrum

Recipes –  7 Day Detox Menu Plan
Recipes – AFMCP Food Suggestions by Day
Recipes – AFMCP Hotel Suggestions – Clinical Imbalance
Recipes – Cookbook and Recipe Reading List
Recipes – Cookbooks for Hormone Health
Recipes – Core Food Plan Meal Plan and Suggestions
Recipes – Cruciferous Vegetables
Recipes – Detox Broths
Recipes – Detox Module
Recipes – GI Module Cooking Demonstrations
Recipes – Gluten Free
Recipes – Healthy Smoothie
Recipes – Healthy Snacks
Recipes – Inflammation and Immune
Recipes – Kid Friendly
Recipes – Super Smoothie
Snack Ideas

Specialised Diets for GI Healing 1 – Choosing the Right Diet
Specialised Diets for GI Healing 2 – Allowed and Forbidden Foods
Top Five Tips for Eating and Awareness
Top Food Antioxidants
Vitamin D A Requirement for Healthy Living
What is Bio Impedance Analysis
Why Eat Organic Foods

IFM Forms and Tools:

Consolidated Functional Medicine Glossary
Go To It
IFM Tree Graphic
Matrix – Clinical
Matrix – Teaching
Timeline (Microsoft Word)
Timeline (Microsoft Power-point)
What Is Functional Medicine
Working with a Functional Medicine Practitioner
Your Functional Medicine Prescription

Intake Forms, Questionnaires and Assessment Tools:

ABCDs of Nutritional Status

Adult Medical Intake – Part 1
Adult Medical Intake – Part 2
Adult Medical Intake – Part 3

Basal Body Temperature
BHP Symptom Index
Candida Questionnaire
CFIDS CDC Definition Criteria
Children’s Weekly Symptom Checklist
Colon Transit Time
Dental Assessment
Depression Anxiety Stress Scales

Environmental Exposure History Form
Environmental Sensitivity Questionnaire
Faecese Pain Scale

Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire Part 1
Fibromyalgia Impact Questionnaire Part 2
Fibromyalgia Tender Point Chart 1
Fibromyalgia Tender Point Chart 2

Figerstick Glucose Log
Hamiton Depression Scale
Hormonal Imbalance Questionnaire
HPA AXIS Questionnaire
IBD Quality of Life Short Questionnaire
Laboratory Testing Handout FNC
Life Stress Questionnaire

Medical Symptoms Questionnaire – Automated Format
Medical Symptoms Questionnaire

Nutritional Physical Exam – Assessment by Location and Nutrient
Nutritional Physical Exam – Supplies and Equipment
Nutritional Physical Exam – Peak Flow
Physical Exam Nutritional Assessment Exam of Mouth

Premenstrual Short Assessment Form
Questionnaire for Men
Referral for Nutritional Intervention PCP to FNP
Sleep Apnea Screening Tool
SleepQuest Physician Information Form (Microsoft Word)
SleepQuest Physician Information Form (PDF)

Testing Low Stomach Acidity
Thyroid Hormone Resistance Consent
Thyroid Questionnaire
Toxin Exposure Questionnaire – Adult
Toxin Exposure Questionnaire – Child

UltaWellness Adult Packet – Reference Only
UltaWellness Pediatric Addendum Reference Only
UltaWellness Pediatric Packet Reference Only
Visual Analog Pain Scale


Analogies and Metaphors to Help tell the Story
Female Hormone Levels
General Health Reading List
Initiation Of Breast Cancer – Diagram
Pain Formulations
Perimenopause to Menopause

Resources – GI Websites and Reading Lists
Resources – Children’s Reading Lists
Resources – Detoxfication Websites and Reading Lists
Resources – Internet Options
Resources – Women’s Health Reading List

Topical Prescription Recommendations

Understanding Breast-Cancer – Diagram
Understanding Factors That Affect The Thyroid Diagram
Understanding Thyroid Tests – Diagram
Understanding Thyroid Tests

Practice Management:

Advance Beneficiary Notice USA Only
Back Orders Happen
Financial Policy USA Relevant
Functional Laboratory Consent
Group Visit – Coding USA Relevant
Group Visit – T2DM Progress Notes
HIPPA Authorization for release of Information
Informed Consent for Hormone Replacement Therapy USA Relevant
Informed Consent Physician to Patient TLC
Medicare Denial of Care USA Relevant
Nutritional and Herb Supplements Consent
Pharmacy Communication
Physician Delegation Agreement USA Relevant
Sample New Patient Letter
Sample Press Release
V Codes USA Relevant
Waiver for Non-Covered Managed Care USA Relevant
Waiver for Non-Covered Services USA Relevant

Stress and Restoration:

Adrenal Exhaustion
Brain Stress Response Diagram
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia Lifestyle Tips
Contributors to an Inflammatory Lifestyle
Mindful Breathing Exercises 1
Mindful Breathing Exercises 2
Mindful Breathing Exercise 3
Mindful Mediation
Sleep Questionnaire
Stress Management
Suggestions for Better Sleep


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