Thank you for your interest in our Refer-A-Colleague scheme. Here at Clinical Education and with IFM’s blessing we have introduced a way of rewarding you for recommending a colleague to join the Advanced Practice Module, Restoring Gastrointestinal Equilibrium: Practical Applications for Understanding, Assessing, and Treating Gut Dysfunction. We really appreciate that making such a big decision can be all that bit easier when a colleague who has already registered for the APM training spends a bit of time encouraging a colleague who just needs a bit of help making the leap.

Therefore we have designed our Refer-A-Colleague scheme so that everyone can benefit from this effort, both referee and referer. If you have any questions please call Claire Gardin on 08450 760 402


APM Refer A Colleague

Refer a colleague to the 2013 Advanced Practice Module, GI (APM-GI) and you receive a £75 credit on future Nutri-Link/IFM based programmes, or £50 cash back.

Your colleague receives £50 cash discount, in addition to normal discounts, or £75 credit on future Nutri-Link/IFM based programmes.
To qualify for this:

• The colleague you referred must not have attended an APM-GI on-site programme in the past.
• The colleague you refer must not already be booked on this run of APM-GI. Retrospective referrals are not accepted.
• Your colleague’s attendance must be verified with full payment.
• Your colleague must mention you as a referrer when registering for APM-GI. Be sure to tell them to mention your name when they register!
• At the completion of the course, you will be given the opportunity to choose either the credit or the cash-back reward options. Credits expire July 1, 2014.
• You and another colleague cannot refer each other.